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We acknowledge the source of the following information as being from The New Zealand Drug Detection Agency website at: http://www.nzdda.co.nz/mainmenu89/page108/Meth+Lab+Indicators+.html 


Clan Lab Indicators & Safety Information


Since 2002 New Zealand Police have located on average 200 clandestine drug laboratories a year and 68% of these were found in residential properties that were either owned by the offenders or rented. A more disturbing fact is that Police find between 70% to 85% of these clandestine drug laboratories while carrying out other duties.

Signs from outside a property

    • Chemical odours, coming from the building, rubbish or detached buildings. The overriding odours will be those of solvents such as paint thinners and nail polish remover.
    • Exhaust fans running for long period and at odd times.
    • Frequent visitors to the address at odd hours.
    • Windows blackened out or curtains always drawn.
    • People coming outside only to smoke.
    • Occupants unfriendly, appearing secretive about their activities, exhibiting paranoid or odd behaviour. Expensive security and surveillance gear set up around the property.
    • Access denied to landlords, neighbours and other visitors.
    • Rent paid in cash
    • Rubbish containing a large amount of cold & flu packaging, chemical type containers, bottles and boxes with labels removed.


Signs when inside a property

    • Laboratory glassware, equipment and documents.
    • Containers with clear liquids in them with a chalky coloured solid on the bottom or similar.
    • Containers with two layered liquids in them, usually one dark coloured layer and one clear or pale yellow layer.
    • Used coffee filters containing either a white pasty or reddish brown substance.
    • Baking dishes or similar containing white crystalline powder or substance.
    • The presence of hot plates near chemicals.
    • Chemical odours coming out of rooms.
    • Yellowish brown staining on the walls or ceiling.


Action on discovering a Clan Lab

    • Leave the area immediately, your safety is paramount
    • Never touch, taste or smell any chemicals or equipment.
    • Do not attempt to stop the chemical reaction.
    • Do not turn any electrical devices such as lights or fans on or off. The simple act of turning on an electrical switch may cause an explosion.
    • Do not shut off the water supply to the house or the chemical reaction.
    • Do not smoke in or near a suspected Clandestine Laboratory.
    • Do not use tools, radios, cell-phones, torches or devices that produce sparks or friction.
    • Contact the NZ Police (111).
    • Do not re-enter the premises.


Exposure to chemicals used to make methamphetamine in Clandestine Drug Laboratories can result in:

    • Headaches.
    • Watery or burning eyes.
    • Nausea.
    • Burning skin.
    • Coughing or Choking.
    • Pain in diaphragm.
    • Feeling of coldness or weakness.
    • Shortness of breath / dizziness.
    • Decrease in cognitive function, vertigo and convulsions.


Seek medical advice immediately if you experience any adverse effects linked to hazardous substance exposure.



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